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Large excavator 374 has low maintenance workload to achieve high output and high durability Column:News Sat-07-2023 19:05:50
Abstract:The rotary torque is increased by 10%and the cycle time is
  374 can carry up to 33 trucks with a load capacity of 36 metric tons(40 short tons)per hour.

  The rotary torque is increased by 10%and the cycle time is shorter than in the previous series.

  The new hydrostatic rotary circuit makes the multi-function operation smoother and more efficient.

  The enhanced heavy-duty lifting mode increases system stress and helps you lift and place heavy materials easily.

  The boom,bucket and rack are twice as durable as the previous series,providing years of reliability in the most extreme environments.

  Offering three operating modes,the excavator is suitable for a variety of types of operations:powerful,intelligent and fuel efficient.

  Advansys bucket tips improve penetration and shorten cycle time.The tooth tip can be quickly replaced with a simple lug wrench(rather than a hydraulic hammer or special tool)to improve safety and extend uptime.

  Auxiliary hydraulic options give you the versatility you need to use a wide variety of Cat tooling.

  Don't let the temperature get in your way.The excavator has a high temperature working capacity of 52°C(125°F)and a standard cold starting capacity of-18°C(-0.4°F).
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